The Hero of Ages By: Brandon Sanderson REVIEW

Words cannot describe the shear epic nature of this book, If you have not yet read the Mistborn series by Sanderson you MUST!

Each and every one of these characters grows to their full potential in this book taking the sacrifices and duties on that are needed to help unite a falling apart world. Vin remains one of my favorite leads ever, i think this book series may be coming to College with me in August so i can reread them, the characters are all extraordinarily well developed. Elend honestly reflected so many of my qualities as a reader and a BSA (Eagle scout) that I could not help but feel that i was living the story with him and Vin!

While i have read this now a long time ago, the plot is something that i will never forget, from the gatherings in the Venture keep to the exploration of the commonwealth looking for the Lord Ruler's hints and help for what has become of the nation. Saved bloomed in the city leading a revolt against another leader, in the end the world is calm serene and colorful. This remarkable end to the trilogy inspired some photos to be taken.


This trilogy holds my favorite book series ever and that is saying something for an avid reader such as myself. I am enraged that i did not find these books sooner, however i will definitely be continuing on to The Alloy of Law and all of Sanderson's other novels in the near future!


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