Steelheart By: Brandon Sanderson Review ( Spoiler Free)

Tag Line: What if the famed superheroes of the world were out to destroy humanity, can one small group stop them?

Plot/Summary: This novel follows David a young teen who lives in Newcago a steel version of Chicago, created by one of the most powerful epics Steelheart. This is David's quest to get revenge for Steelheart killing his father. Readers get snips from David's childhood when the immortal Steelheart kills his father and accidentally is wounded and bleeds; those who fear him most do not know that he can be wounded... (If I tell anymore it will not impact you as much, HAPPY READING!)

Characters: Doing this with no spoilers I will only be reviewing David's character...
David- He is a young boy who has been obsessed with the epics and their faults since his father was killed by Steelheart, all of which comes into play when he encounters the Reconers which is an notorious epic hunting crew. David has a multifaceted character, because of these layers he is realistic and gritty to the point you feel like he could walk up to you and talk. This depth gives the story a remarkably immersive feel and allow you to be sucked in to the story from page one!

Read me If...:
If you like the stereotypical super hero and are a fan of just badassery and an EPIC story (pun intended) such as Vicious By: VE Schwab then this is a MUST READ.

Rating: ****/*****

I WILL be picking up FIrerfight this month!



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